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On the 24th was the second WordPress meetup I organized in Bangkok. We had the two founders of a successful WordPress company talk about the way they “productized” their WordPress development services.

Shinichi, a fellow WordPress developer helping with organizing the meetups, wrote an excellent summary of the meetup: Pronto Marketing at Bangkok WordPress Meetup

Yesterday was the day. First time I organize a meetup. It’s been quite a rush in the end, but it was really worth it. I was very lucky to have Siobhan McKeown speak about getting involved in WordPress.

As it was my first ever meetup (as an organizer), I was really curious to see how full (or not) would the room be. And it was a good surprise! About 15 people came to the event. Out of the 26 who RSVPed, it’s about 61% attendance. Not bad I think.

The attendees were a good mix of Thais and foreigners. This is really important to me as I think it is the foundation of a good community. Both the Thais and foreigners were very interesting people and I’m hoping to see everyone again at future meetups.

If I had to summarize this meetup in one link, it would be I’m going to spend more time there as soon as I have a chance.

Now let’s continue with the pictures.